About Moment of Collapse:

Moment Of Collapse Records is an independent record label, artist management and mail-order from Germany, founded by Jens and Basti in late 2007. Music connected both in many ways. Visititing shows together since years, driving hundreds of kilometres for single concerts was just the beginning. Both also played in different bands (together) and the general passion for underground music and their friendship encouraged them to start the label. One main intention was and still is to give something back what was available over all the years before; records released by diy-rooted people who worked hard to help out bands making their music available. In the spirit of labels such as Ape Must Not Kill Ape, React With Protest and Nova Recordings they scraped together their last money and started Moment Of Collapse Records with no expectations. The first release shouldn’t be just any release. Very fast the idea of "Connections" was born. "Connections" in this case is used as a synonym for music, passion, friendship and diy-spirit all over the world. The series started with six different bands from six different countries, a concept that stands for the following parts as well. It was important for both not to be fixed on a special kind of music. The only criterions for artists on Moment Of Collapse are, that they have to be antifascist, no sexists, anti homophob, anti racism and share the idea of a diy-headed collaboration. Over the years MOC grew to a big collective with many people & friends involved from all over the world. We’re trying to work together with and for friends. MOC was and is strictly uncommercial. Noone will take any money for private use. Everything will be spent to support the bands / music.

Moment Of Collapse acts also as a artist management service. We handle tour booking, artist development and label and distribution services and general artist marketing. If you have any inquiries, please write to info (at) momentofcollapse.com

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